In Philadelphia, as well as plenty of other cities, it’s become customary to watch a live wedding band showcase during the vendor selection process. This performance has several great benefits for couples. Making a decision based on watching videos is sort of like buying a shirt online. You can do it but you haven’t actually tried it on so there is always the chance it won’t fit.

We offer monthly opportunities to see Philadelphia Wedding Bands, Musicians, and DJs live in action to put the booking power in your hands. Plus it shows you that your band puts the time in to polish their set. If a band doesn’t showcase, you may even want to question whether or not they rehearse.

A wedding is a live experience

You should get a taste of that experience before putting the money out. Take advantage of the fact that this amazing day that’s happening a year from now is something you can experience well in advance. You want to feel your feet tapping and pay attention to the reaction you get from the bands you see to truly determine whether or not they are going to deliver the live experience you envision for your guests.

You get to meet the band

You may have spoken with your band leader on the phone but a showcase is also an opportunity to meet them in person, ask questions, and talk a little with the band. We don’t want to simply provide a service. We want to be your pal. We want you to feel comfortable with us and trust the personality match as well as the music match. Heck, I’m going out to dinner with a groom who’s wedding we did last month. If you’re not looking to necessarily make a new friend in us, we understand. But we do want to make sure you are equipped with the right information to make an informed decision and get a live feel for who we are as people and entertainers.

Decide which band best fits your vision

Some people like country music, others like pop, some like the classics, many like rap, perhaps you like red, maybe you like blue… You get the point. A wedding band is not a one size fits all deal and we all have our tastes. You can expect that most bands will have a varied song list and a set up to accommodate a wide variety of styles. However, you might be looking for a specific type of vocalist or maybe a band that specializes in a particular style.  A showcase is sort of like the summary at the end of a chapter (ugh, he’s talking about text books). It gives you a really good sample of the band’s typical set. So in a 20 minute period, you will have the opportunity to hear 15 to 20 songs that should give you a great idea of the band’s main attributes.

It’s a treat in the wedding planning process

We get it. Planning a wedding has it’s pain points. But you also get to eat delicious food along the way, pick out beautiful clothing, and listen to awesome music. So treat a showcase like a night on town. Who doesn’t like a concert? Rather than something you HAVE TO DO, this should be something fun for you to share with each other, friends family, etc.

For more information on our public showcases, please visit our showcase page.
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