Father-Daughter Dances Chosen by Our Brides

Father-daughter dances are an emotional and unforgettable moment at weddings. Choosing the perfect song can be a challenging task for brides, but luckily, we have a list of songs that our brides have chosen for this special moment.

Our list includes a mix of traditional and lesser-known songs, but all of them are guaranteed to make the perfect moment. Some brides chose songs that were sentimental, like “My Little Girl” by Tim McGraw and “Butterfly Kisses” by Bob Carlisle. Others opted for more upbeat options like “Don’t Blink” by Kenny Chesney and “Sweet Pea” by Amos Lee.

No matter what song a bride chooses, the moment shared with her father will be unforgettable. And for those still searching for the perfect song, this list is an excellent resource to help find the ideal tune for that special dance.

My Girl

The Temptations

“It was important for me to choose a song that had meaning to my dad and me. When we danced to ‘My Girl’ by The Temptations, it was like we were back in time, singing along to it on road trips when I was a little girl.” -Lisa, bride.

My Little Girl

Tim McGraw

“When my dad first heard this song, he knew it was perfect for our dance. The lyrics are so beautiful and sentimental.” – Emily, bride.

My Wish

Rascal Flatts

“My dad and I have always loved Rascal Flatts, and this song is the perfect way for him to express his hopes and dreams for my future.” – Jessica, bride.

Butterfly Kisses

Bob Carlisle

“My dad and I used to listen to this song together when I was growing up. It’s a classic and has so much meaning behind it.” – Ashley, bride.

What a Wonderful World

Louis Armstrong

“This song is such a feel-good song, and it always puts a smile on my dad’s face. I knew it would be perfect for our dance.” – Lauren, bride.

Today I Met the Boy I’m Gonna Marry

Darlene Love

“My dad and I both love this song, and it was the perfect choice for our dance. It’s a fun and upbeat song that captures the joy of the moment.” – Rachel, bride.

I Loved Her First


“This song always brings tears to my dad’s eyes, and I knew it would be the perfect way for him to express his love and pride in me.” – Samantha, bride.

I Hope You Dance

Lee Ann Womack

“This song is all about taking chances and embracing life’s opportunities, and it’s a sentiment my dad has always instilled in me.” – Megan, bride.

“This song is a reminder to cherish every moment, and it was the perfect choice for our dance.” – Jennifer, bride.

You Are My Sunshine

Johnny Cash

“This song is a classic and always puts a smile on my dad’s face. It’s a beautiful sentiment that captures our special relationship.” – Taylor, bride.

Because You Loved Me

Celine Dion

“This song is a tribute to the unwavering love and support of a parent, and it was the perfect choice for our dance.” – Olivia, bride.

Forever Young

Rod Stewart

“This song is a celebration of life and a reminder to always stay young at heart. It’s a sentiment my dad and I share.” – Allison, bride.

Rainbow Connection

Kenny Loggins

“This song is whimsical and fun, and it was the perfect way to capture the magic of the moment.” – Lily, bride.


Tom Petty

“This song is all about being true to yourself and following your dreams, and it’s a message my dad has always instilled in me.” – Harper, bride.


Billy Joel

“This song is a beautiful lullaby that captures the warmth and tenderness of a father’s love.” – Sophia, bride.

Daddy’s Little Girl

Michael Bublé

“This song is a classic and always brings a smile to my dad’s face. It’s a beautiful tribute to our special relationship.” – Ava, bride.


John Mayer

“I chose this song because it’s a sweet and sentimental song that captures the unique bond between a father and his daughter. The lyrics are so touching and heartfelt, and it perfectly represents the relationship I have with my dad.” – Sarah, bride

Father and Daughter

Paul Simon

“I knew it was the perfect song for my father-daughter dance. The lyrics are all about being grateful for the people in our lives that we love, and that’s exactly how I feel about my dad. It’s a beautiful and emotional song that really captures the moment.” – Emily, bride

God Gave Me You

Blake Shelton

“I wanted something a little more unique for my father-daughter dance, and this was it. It’s a sweet and upbeat song that’s all about the joy and happiness that love can bring. It’s such a fun song to dance to, and it was the perfect way to kick off our reception.” – Lauren, bride.

Sweet Pea

Amos Lee

“When my dad and I danced to ‘Daughters’ by John Mayer, it felt like we were the only two people in the room. The lyrics really spoke to our relationship and the love my dad has always shown me.” -Allison, bride.

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