Philly’s Premier Wedding Entertainment Company

Sugarbomb Entertainment is the Philadelphia-based entertainment and event production company that customizes services to fit your needs. That’s why so many people rely on us for all phases of their wedding.

We are not an entertainment company that simply books a DJ; we are the company that will book your amazing DJ along with a string ensemble for your ceremony, a jazz duo for cocktail hour, and put beautiful uplights around the room. And, we’ll be your best friend through the planning process.

Live Bands

We understand the crowd’s expectations when it comes to hitting the dance floor, and we take this responsibility seriously. We have various options available, ranging from a 3-piece to a 10-piece band, to suit different budgets and room sizes. We host regular band showcases for couples to hear and see the band before booking.


We train our DJs to put a TON of energy into throwing the perfect party. They read the room, transition from song to song effectively, mix creatively, switch things up on the fly if needed, and lead the party into epic status.

We even have opportunities for you to see our DJs live or check out some mixes on our site.

Emcees (or MCs)

Many times we will have DJs handle the emcee responsibilities, but we always recommend booking a DJ/Emcee team. That way, the DJ can focus on the music all night long, and the emcee can focus on keeping the party on track.

Emcees are hired specifically for their personality and ability to engage a crowd. While the DJ is pretty much set behind the turntables, emcees are mobile, able to mix and mingle with your guests, have some fun with the crowd, and most importantly – keep the party on schedule.

Hybrid Acts

DJ/live musician acts have become very popular. Want the benefits of a DJ with the live energy of musicians? Well, we’ve got that for you too. People see this as a good in-between option these days when they don’t want to spend the higher cost for a band but want that type of energy throughout the party. We see it as an amazing entertainment option for anyone who enjoys a little booty shakin’.


We have great options for you to walk down the aisle to, whether it’s a classical vibe set by a string ensemble or the sweet strumming of an acoustic guitar. We’ll get started as your guests arrive so they are greeted with music while awaiting the ceremony.

Once the coordinator gives us the ok, we’ll be sure to have that perfect song queued up and ready to go as the bridal party begins the processional, shortly followed by a special song for the bride.

Cocktail Hour

From elegant jazz to steel drums, acoustic guitars, and more, we have plenty of selections to choose from fit for every season and musical preference. Many of our packages even include cocktail hour music to provide fitting background music as your guests sample hors d’oeuvres and sip on cocktails.


Our lighting specialists are experts in designing events with unique treatments to bring an event space to life. It’s amazing how the use of lights can affect the energy in a room, whether it’s a classic and romantic treatment with uplights and pinspots or a club-like atmosphere using dance floor lighting. Whatever your preference, we have a touch that will work perfectly.

Dance Party Lighting Production from Sugarbomb Entertainment

Sound Production

We always seek to understand the characteristics of an event space before committing to the equipment and staff needed to make the best possible sound. Our goal is to make sure the soundtrack of your event is complete with a highly produced sound. We ensure the volume is at an acceptable level and the band has an even mix on stage to avoid a lack of balance on stage.

Photo Booths

We can’t forget about the photobooth! No wedding is complete without a photobooth, and we’ve got you covered. You have to document the day, and our photobooth rentals are the perfect way to do so.

Choose Sugarbomb Entertainment for a wedding experience that you and your guests will never forget.

Jon Ardito