A few months ago we wrote a post about the Top Bridal Party Introduction Songs divided into categories. We wanted to narrow that list down into specific songs that made the cut for weddings we’ve done in the last year. We love working with couples to create the soundtrack for their big day. The artists, tunes, and styles they choose to set the vibe for their wedding are often more than just a selection of songs.

Frequently couples want the music to provide a glimpse into their world, so a big part of our job is interpreting and executing that vision so guests can have a great time while enjoying the self-expressive elements of the couple they are celebrating. When it comes to introducing the couple and bridal party, we always recommend songs that showcase their personalities while creating a nice energy to start the party.

Maybe it’s a song they remember dancing to at a concert, maybe it’s a dramatic song for a dramatic entrance, maybe it’s a funny song because you’re funny people. However you go it, here are a few you might consider adding to your short list, whether it’s a band or DJ doing the entertaining.

I’m Too Sexy – Right Said Fred

What better way to enter a wedding than to strut that stuff like you’re on a catwalk with a touch of humor for your guests? Show em what you got! Especially if there is some choreography to follow.


Eye of the Tiger – Survivor

As Philadelphia natives, we tend to know what our sports fans react to. So if your perfect Sunday evening is spent on your couch watching an Eagles game, this might be the right nest to land in.


You Are The Best Thing – Ray LaMontagne

Let the love out and start the party off with a celebratory, upbeat tune everyone gets the feels for.


Show Me What You Got – Jay Z

State of emergency? Of course not, but if you’re planning some sweet moves in the center of the dance floor, this is a great song to show em your stuff.


Feel So Close – Calvin Harris

Is this a dance party or what? Plenty of you have college memories jumping straight up and down to this one somewhere. Maybe have the DJ skip the beginning and start the track right when the beat kicks in.


Shut Up and Dance – Walk The Moon

It is absolutely unbelievable how many people love this song. Walk The Moon really did it right and the world loves them for it. Get the bridal party out to a song you know all of your guests will love. Then take the song’s advice and get the whole bridal party front and center to rock out for a minute.


Shake Shake Senora – Harry Belefonte

Yes, Winona Rider levitating in front of a stair case may flash through your mind, but try to tell me why that’s a bad thing? Super fun song. Nothing less…



Can’t Stop The Feeling – Justin Timberlake

This might be on the Billboard Hot 100 when you celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary. Such a great song, sets an awesome tone for any dance party, and your Grandparents probably feel the same way.


Let’s Groove– Earth Wind and Fire

The first words of the song are “Let’s Groove Tonight”!!!! If you’re trying to set a tone, that sends the message.



Walk This Way – Aerosmith

Aside from the fact that the song has a walking pace, the word “walk” in the song, you will be walking into the room, and Aerosmith is AWESOME…. point made!

Visit our post on Top Bridal Party Introduction Songs for our full list of recommendations.

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