5 Reasons your Wedding DJ works best with an Emcee

People often call us in search of an experienced Philadelphia DJ for their wedding. As we go through our packages with them, we always like to point out the importance of booking a DJ and Emcee team.

Do we book DJs who Emcee? Of course. Is their anything wrong with just doing that? Not at all.

Event hosts often want to let the music do the speaking, so why would they need an Emcee? Depending on your needs, you may actually find their contribution invaluable for a few reasons.

R2Dito DJ and Emcee Hybrid Act

1. Crowd engagement and personality

Emcees are most regularly known as that person on the microphone making announcements and riling the crowd up. We seek out Emcees that have a good public speaking skills, a good voice for making announcements, a fun energy, and confidence in front of a crowd. Where a DJ is there to make the music amazing, and Emcee engages a crowd, encourages them to dance, and sets a fun tone to the event.

2. Allows the DJ to focus on the music

Since our Emcee is making sure the crowd is enjoying themselves, the DJ can focus on making the music perfect. All that mixing and planning the next song to fit the vibe… it can take a lot of focus. We’ve found the best parties to be the ones where the DJ has all of his or her attention on the music while an Emcee encourages a fun atmosphere and keeps things on schedule.

3. Keeps the event on schedule

You may have a Day of Coordinator at your wedding. If not, an Emcee essentially plays that role in certain capacities. Every wedding has a timeline and since we have the microphone, we are in a position to keep things on schedule so the night flows according to plan.

An Emcee is even a great addition to a Day of Coordinator because they have so many other things to keep track of. So it’s ultimately up to the Emcee to know where your mother, father, husband, and photographer are BEFORE we announce the father/daughter dance. It’s up to them to make sure the cake is where it needs to be and that your photographer is in position BEFORE the cake cutting announcement. It’s up to them to line the bridal party up and make sure the DJ has that hot song all queued up BEFORE we introduce the bridal party.

A qualified Emcee is always paying attention to the flow of the event and ensuring when it’s the right time to make an announcement. This keeps things organized and your guests right there with you the whole time.

4. Takes requests

Emcees are also helpful in taking requests. It can be very difficult for a DJ to take their attention off of their set when guests ask for special requests. We want to take them and we very much want to play them for you. So we find that having an Emcee available to talk with the guests about their requests is a great way to get your voice heard while letting the DJ stay focused on spinning records for the party.

5. Assists the DJ throughout the night

Between loading gear in and out, moving equipment between different phases of the wedding, setting up lights and sound equipment, and getting a glass of water when the DJ get thirsty, Emcees are also very helpful in assisting the DJ throughout the night.

In addition to keeping you and your guests on schedule, an Emcee also keeps the DJ on schedule by being right there for him or her with the ability to help. It’s not always easy for one DJ to get that equipment from the cocktail hour room to the reception area in 5 minutes. Or maybe your DJ needs a cup of water in the middle of a hot outdoor set. Maybe he needs a band-aid from all that fancy handwork. Maybe he needs a piece of equipment from the car when he notices an electronic malfunction.

We like to keep the DJ behind the turntables as much as possible. So if their emcee assistant can get that cup of water for them or go to the car to get that piece of equipment, it’s less time the booth is left unattended. Let’s say the DJ does have to leave the booth (they go to the bathroom too…) Then we make sure the emcee is manning the booth, making sure songs continue to play and that requests are heard.

Jon Ardito