The Best Wedding Entertainment On A Budget

He mapped out the perfect moment… He bought the ring of your dreams… You called your parents barely able to contain your excitement… Then you said to yourself… wait, how much does a wedding cost?

The Knot recently reported that the average cost for a 150-person wedding is about $25,000. This takes into account a ton of data from all over the United States. Today’s couples are unique in their thinking and very DIY.  They don’t want to cut corners but the high costs of a wedding can be overwhelming.

Know your wedding entertainment options

Luckily, there are ALWAYS options. When it comes to wedding entertainment, couples want an act they identify with; an act that will play their favorite songs and entertain guests to make their big day one to remember in a fashion that represents them. I’ve heard many people say wedding entertainment is the single most important component of their wedding day.

A packed dance floor, smiling faces, rolled up sleeves, moving bodies, and the occasional bride/groom stage cameo are often what we think of when picturing an awesome wedding reception but what act will be responsible for bringing this to life and how much of my wedding budget is it going to take?

Booking a wedding band?

There is a common misconception that wedding bands all cost north of $5,000 – FALSE! Actually, there is a very wide range of costs for wedding bands and we’ve created a solution for all budgets. Sugarbomb dance band, Soul City Shakedown, is available as a 3 piece, 5 piece, 6 piece, 8 piece and 10 piece group, all with packages available that include a few extra bells and whistles.

We do this to ensure a live option is available for everyone. And don’t worry about silence when the band takes a break. We have wedding-day playlists we will put together with your favorite songs to play on an iPad during breaks.

Philadelphia wedding DJs

This is typically a less expensive option and can make for easier song selection. If you prefer wedding entertainment that simply keeps a happy vibe and your favorite songs coming all night long, this is possible without even passing the 4 figure mark.

In the electronic world we live in, DJs are now at the epicenter of music technology. This also means unique customization, song mixes, transitions, programmed lighting, and other enhancements made possible by new technology.

This allows for a fun performance from your DJ, customized to your liking. In order to provide options that appeal to all of our customers, we offer 2 pricing tiers ranging from basic to more inclusive. More extensive lighting and other add ons are also available in our menu.

Ceremony and Cocktail Hour

Then of course there is ceremony and cocktail hour music. One of the benefits of working with a one stop shop is the variety of options available from one vendor. Sugarbomb has a wide selection of ceremony and cocktail hour options ranging from solo guitarists, steel drum groups, string ensembles, and plenty more.

We also package these services with reception entertainment, which helps cut down on costs.

It might be helpful to decide on a wedding entertainment budget during the initial planning process. This way, your entertainment provider can help you get the most of of what you are willing to spend. If you don’t even know where to start, contact us to have a complimentary conversation about it. We place a very high emphasis on entertainment and understand it’s unique place in your wedding.

We understand that no two clients are alike and will help you find the perfect entertainment solution for your wedding.

Jon Ardito