Philadelphia Wedding Trends in Entertainment

Self Identity: We are a Philadelphia wedding entertainment company that wants to make your wedding as unique as your love. Wedding trends these days are centered in the idea that couples have a story to share. Some are beginning to move away from certain traditional values to allow their weddings to represent their own identities. This of course ties into every element of the wedding but as far as entertainment is concerned in 2015, we can expect decisions to be made based more on identity than tradition.

Song Lists: This means music that evokes definition, not just entertainment value. Song lists at weddings are becoming much more customized to reflect the things couples want their guests to understand about themselves from a societal perspective. While top 40s and Motown classics are certainly not going anywhere, unconventional song selections have been more and more prevalent to the couples that want to make a statement about themselves at their weddings.

What’s Old is New. Couples are requesting updated renditions of wedding classics. Instead of Etta James’s soulful “At Last,” for example, they might choose the acoustic version by Jason Mraz. or swap Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love” with indie-pop sensation Ingrid Michaelson’s reinterpretation (

The Band/DJ Debate: There’s no secret that a 10 piece dance band costs more than a DJ, but cost is actually not the driving factor a lot of the time. Sugarbomb provides 3-piece bands at a comparable cost to our DJ services, but we don’t notice much of a pull in one direction or the other based on cost alone. DJs have been said to be modern day rockstars. With Electronic Music and Hip Hop standing high on every chart in contemporary music, it could be argued that the production value is difficult for a band to replicate. Some couples want to be sure that the songs played at their weddings are the exact recordings they know and love. That being said, its often nice to hear the humanized take on a song that was recorded with sequencers and midi. The human element is what makes live bands so extraordinary… A group of people working together to recreate the songs you love is a very special performance. Ultimately this one comes down to preference.

Stage Selfies: If the Today Show decides to highlight the “selfie-stick”, we can prepare for this trend to continue in a very big way. Couples want to harness the moments that made their weddings special, including the entertainers that created the soundtrack of the day. So we will see plenty of selfies from wedding attendees but also plenty from crowds dancing in front of the entertainment in some cases – onstage with them.

Style: Entertainers do what? They entertain… We believe it is about much more than the music. Style means something different to everyone, but plan on your wedding entertainment dressing to impress. If that is not part of their service, you hired someone who only wants to do half the job. Fashion blogs will have more specifics on the trendy styles of 2015. This is simply our observation across the music industry and particularly special events entertainment.

Jon Ardito