Some Different First Dance Alternatives

As wedding traditions continue to evolve, many couples are breaking away from the traditional formalities and exploring more creative and unique ways to celebrate their big day.

One of the most iconic wedding traditions is the first dance, where the newlyweds take to the dance floor together for a romantic moment in front of their guests. However, not everyone feels comfortable or excited about this tradition, and some couples are looking for alternatives that better suit their personalities and preferences.

At Sugarbomb Entertainment, we understand that each couple is unique, and we’re always looking for new and creative ways to help them make their wedding day memorable. That’s why we’ve put together this list of different first dance alternatives that we think are worth considering.

Whether you’re not big on dancing, want to showcase your musical skills, or just want to have some fun with your guests, we’ve got some great ideas for you. So read on to discover some fun and unique first dance alternatives that might just be perfect for your wedding day!

First drink

Not a fan of dancing? No problem! Instead, share your favorite drink or shot together on the dance floor. This could be a fun and intimate moment for the two of you. You could even pour shots for your entire guest list to kick off the party!

Wedding Bride and Groom taking their first drink, a fun first dance alternative.

First jam

For musical couples, why not showcase your talents and share a first jam? This could be a song you’ve written together, or a cover of your favorite tune. Our own Soul City Shakedown bassist, Mitch Beer, did just that at his wedding and even made headlines. If you’re a musician, this is a great option to consider.

First song

If you’re a karaoke lover, have your band or DJ bring a karaoke rig or even just sing along to a wordless track. Belt out your favorite tune and impress your guests with your vocal skills.

Group dance

Not a fan of being the center of attention? Consider including your whole bridal party or even your entire guest list in a group dance. This is a fun way to share a first dance with each other and with your loved ones.

First potato sack race

If you’re having a backyard wedding, why not kick off the party with a first potato sack race? This is a fun and lighthearted way to get everyone involved and set the tone for the rest of the night.

First duel

Perfect for couples who are fans of action movies or sci-fi. This option is for those who would rather put their dancing shoes aside to reenact a fight scene from their favorite movie.

Whether it’s Star Wars or Pirates of the Caribbean, if you have a movie scene that you and your partner adore, why not reenact it on your wedding day?

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Jon Ardito