As millennial weddings continue to explore innovation and professionalism, we are seeing more and more creativity when it comes to certain formalities. Some of us just aren’t big dancers. Then there are those of us who love to dance but but maybe not being the ONLY ONES dancing. Or maybe you share a skill or passion you would like to showcase for your guests. Whatever the reason, here are some alternatives both musical and non-musical you could consider.

First drink – Instead of fox trotting across the dance floor you could have the bartender put together your favorite drink or shot and share it together on the dance floor. Similar to the traditional champagne toast, you could even consider pouring a shot for your entire guest list.

First jam – For the musical couple, maybe you have a song you’ve written together. Our dance band, Soul City Shakedown’s very own bassist, Mitch Beer shared a first jam with us at his wedding. It was quite impressive and even made news headlines. As musicians ourselves, we love this idea and would encourage musical couples following a less traditional approach to consider something along these lines.

First song – To a similar effect, maybe the perfect night out on town is a good karaoke bar. Have your band or DJ bring a karaoke rig or even just arrange to sing a long to a wordless track. Dancing might not be your fancy but if you got the pipes (or the gumption), belt it out for all to hear.

Group dance – Let’s face it, you are the center of attention on your wedding day. However, not everyone prefers that kind of attention. Instead of a first dance with just the two of you, consider including the whole bridal party or even your entire guest list. This still give you the opportunity to share a first dance with one another but also with the accompaniment of those in  attendance.

First duel – Alright Star Wars fans… This one’s for you. If you’d rather put the dancing shoes aside to reenact a fight scene from your favorite movie, we’ll know it’s in loving taste. Better yet, get the DJ to play the Star Wars theme song during your duel or even dress the part to enhance the authenticity of the  moment. Your guests will love it.

First potato sack race – If you’re having a backyard wedding, you might be featuring a more outdoorsy  vibe with big jenga, a fire pit, smores, and other backyard games. So why not kick things off with a first potato sack race. I know brides, your dress… your hair… So maybe this isn’t for everyone but in the interest of creating a vibe, this is an awesome way to kick off a backyard wedding.

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