2023 Wedding Trends: What’s In?

As the wedding season gears up for 2023, couples are looking for new and exciting ways to make their special day unforgettable. From stunning venues to bespoke menus, there are a plethora of wedding trends that are taking the industry by storm.

This year, there is a noticeable shift towards sustainability and eco-friendliness, with couples opting for more responsible choices to reduce waste. As we bid farewell to outdated trends like wedding hashtags and welcome bags, let’s explore the latest wedding trends that are in and out for 2023.

Early Ceremonies

The early ceremony wedding trend is a budget-friendly and unique way to celebrate your love. Couples are opting for a daytime ceremony and reception, often around midday, which can save money on venues, catering, drinks, and entertainment.

Moreover, an earlier wedding ceremony allows guests to enjoy a more relaxed and informal atmosphere with a brunch buffet or cocktail-style reception, encouraging socializing among guests. It offers scheduling flexibility with the option to have a morning or afternoon ceremony followed by a late lunch or early dinner reception, giving guests more time to explore the city or take part in other activities.

Wild Welcome Parties

Brides and grooms across the country have been replacing traditional rehearsal dinners with a more relaxed and casual pre-wedding event, sometimes referred to as a Wild Welcome Party. Held outdoors or in rustic settings like barns or farms, the party includes lawn games, bonfires, and live music, with guests dressed in comfortable attire. This trend allows couples to spend more time with their guests before the wedding, creating a more intimate and relaxed atmosphere, especially for out-of-town guests.

The party is also an excellent opportunity for guests to mingle and socialize, creating a sense of community and celebration that extends beyond the wedding day. This event is a great way to add a fun and informal element to the wedding weekend, leaving guests with unforgettable memories.

Dramatic Ceilings

The dramatic ceiling wedding trend has gained popularity as a unique and impactful way to enhance wedding decor. By creating a stunning installation or decoration above the venue, couples can transform even the simplest space into a magical and memorable one. This trend can take the form of anything from hanging lights to elaborate hanging installations or suspended flowers, with the goal of creating a focal point that draws the eye upward and adds a touch of grandeur.

In addition to enhancing the overall ambiance of the wedding, the dramatic ceiling can serve as a stunning backdrop for photos and videos. Whether it’s a simple floral arrangement or an elaborate hanging installation, a dramatic ceiling is a great option for couples who want to add a touch of luxury and make a lasting impression on their guests.

Over-The-Top Cakes and Toppers

In the past few years, Over-The-Top Cakes and Toppers have been a rising trend in wedding receptions. Couples nowadays strive to make their special day memorable by opting for a cake that is not only delicious but also visually stunning. These extravagant cakes are designed to leave a lasting impression on guests and make a perfect centerpiece for the reception.

The trend is all about pushing the limits of creativity and incorporating unique elements that reflect the couple’s personality and style. To achieve this, couples opt for customized decorations such as oversized flowers, intricate sugar sculptures, or personalized cake toppers that fit the wedding theme and color palette.

The attention to detail and the level of creativity involved in creating these cakes make them truly unique and special. They showcase the couple’s tastes and preferences and make a statement about their love story. Whether it’s a classic elegant design or a modern avant-garde cake, Over-The-Top Cakes and Toppers offer couples the chance to add a touch of extravagance and luxury to their wedding day.

Wedding Trends - Over-the-top Wedding Cakes

Intimate Ceremonies

The trend of having an intimate ceremony has become increasingly popular among couples who want a more personalized and meaningful wedding experience. Unlike traditional weddings with a large guest list, couples now prefer a smaller, more intimate ceremony with only their closest family and friends in attendance.

This trend offers a more intimate and emotional ceremony, where couples can share their love and commitment with their loved ones in a more personal setting. It also allows couples to prioritize their budget towards elements that are most important to them, such as a luxurious venue or a gourmet meal for their guests. By choosing to have a more intimate ceremony, couples can make their wedding day more about themselves and their love story, creating a memorable and cherished experience for everyone involved.

Statement Aisles

The Statement Aisle trend is taking the wedding world by storm as more and more couples seek to add their personal flair to their big day. Rather than sticking with a simple, traditional aisle, couples are opting for unique and visually striking designs that reflect their personalities and tastes.

One way to achieve this is by incorporating bold floral arrangements. From grand and towering displays of luscious blooms to delicate wildflower arrangements, flowers can transform the aisle into a breathtaking masterpiece.

Another approach is to use intricate patterns to create an aisle design that’s one-of-a-kind. Whether it’s a bold geometric motif or a subtle floral pattern, designs can add depth and dimension to the aisle and make a powerful visual impact.

In short, the Statement Aisle trend is all about taking a classic wedding element and personalizing it in a way that’s truly memorable. With the use of bold floral arrangements, intricate patterns, or unique props, couples can create a stunning and original wedding ceremony that’s a reflection of their individual style and taste.

Wedding Trends - Statement Aisles
Designed by Hella Huizinga, Production by Event Chic Designs (Photo credit: Violet Studio)

Overall, the 2023 wedding season promises to be full of exciting trends and unique ideas to make your special day unforgettable. Whether you opt for an early ceremony, wild welcome party, dramatic ceiling, over-the-top cake, intimate ceremony, or statement aisle, there are plenty of ways to put your personal stamp on your wedding and make it an event to remember.

With Sugarbomb Entertainment, you can ensure that your wedding entertainment is just as unique and personalized as the rest of your wedding. From flexible pricing and an array of musicians to lighting and photobooth options, Sugarbomb Entertainment can help you create the perfect atmosphere for your wedding. So let’s embrace the latest wedding trends of 2023 and make your wedding day an experience you and your guests will never forget!

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